Funny Jokes – Funny Magic

Once a DOCTOR and an ENGINEER entered a chocolate store…

As they were busy looking around, Engineer stole 3 chocolate bars…

As they left the store, Engineer said to Doctor : “Man! I’m the best thief ever, I stole 3 chocolates and no one saw me. You can’t beat that”

Doctor replied: “You wanna see something better? Let’s go back to the shop and I’ll show you real stealing”

So they went to the counter and Doctor said to the Shop boy: “Do you wanna see magic..?”

The Shop boy replied: “Yes..!!!”
Doctor said: “Give me one chocolate bar!”

The shop boy gave him one, and he ate it… He asked for the second, and he ate that as well.. He asked for the third, and finished that one too…

The shop boy asked: “But where’s the magic..?”

Doctor replied: “Check in my friend’s pocket, and you’ll find them..!!!”

Nice Story – Never be angry

There was a boy who was always losing his temper. His father gave him a bag full of nails and said to him, “My son, I want you to hammer a nail into our garden fence every time you need to direct your anger against something and you lose your temper.”

So the son started to follow his father’s advice. On the first day he hammered in 37 nails, but getting the nails into the fence was not easy, so he started trying to control himself when he got angry. As the days went by, he was hammering in less nails, and within weeks he was able to control himself and was able to refrain from getting angry and from hammering nails.
He came to his father and told him what he had achieved. His father was happy with his efforts and said to him: “But now, my son, you have to take out a nail for every day that you do not get angry.” The son started to take out the nails for each day that he did not get angry, until there were no nails left in the fence. He came to his father and told him what he had achieved. His father took him to the fence and said, “My son, you have done well, but look at these holes in the fence. This fence will never be the same again.” Then he added: “When you say things in a state of anger, they leave marks like these holes on the hearts of others. You can stab a person and withdraw the knife but
it doesn’t matter how many times you say ‘I’m sorry,’ because the wound will remain.

Santa Banta Jokes – Happy Married Life

Santa asked Banta, “What is the secret behind your happy married life?”

Banta said, “You should share responsibilities with due love and respect to each other. Then absolutely there will be no problems.”

Santa asked, “Can you explain?”

Banta said, “In my house, I take decisions on bigger issues where as my wife decides on smaller issues. We do not interfere in each others decisions.”

Still not convinced, Santa asked him, “Give me some examples”

Banta said, “Smaller issues like which car we should buy, how much amount to save, when to visit home town, which Sofa, air conditioner, refrigerator to buy, monthly expenses, whether to keep a maid or not etc are decided by my wife. I just agree to it”

Santa asked, “Then what is your role?”

Banta said, “My decisions are only for very big issues. Like whether America should attack Syria, whether the European Union should lift sanctions over Zimbabwe, etc. Do you know one thing,
my wife NEVER objects to any of these.”