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Santa Banta Jokes – Lottery Ticket

Santa bought a ticket for Rs50/- and won the lottery of 50 lacks .

He went to the agent to claim on it.

Santa Said: I want my Rs50 lacks .

Lottery Agent Said : We can give you 5 lacks today and the pending amount will give
you in next 4 months.

Santa : Oh, no ! That’s not fair , I want my all money right now .

If you are not able to pay just give back my 100 rupee now  do it today.

Funny Jokes – Accident

A old man sit in the office at 13th floor.

He saw a man (Banta) came running.

Banta shout : “Rama Nandan, your daughter Rimpy is injured in an accident, come fast.

Not understand anything to do, the old man jump from the window of his office  in the panic to go as early as possible.

While coming down side , he was near 10th floor, he remembered that he have not any daughter.

When he came near 7th floor , he remembered that he was not married in his life.

When he just came  to hit the ground, he remembered that he is not a  Rama Nandan .