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Lawyers don’t lie

A lawyer had a wife and 12 children and needed to move as his rental agreement was coming to an end for the home where he lived but was having difficulty in finding a new home.

When he said he had 12 children, no one would rent a home to him because they knew that the children would destroy the home.

He could not say that he had no children, he could not lie, after all, lawyers can not and do not lie. So, he had an idea : he sent his wife for a walk to the cemetery with 11 children. He took the remaining one with him to see homes with the Real Estate Agent.

He liked one of the homes and the agent asked, “How many children do you have ?”

He answered, “12 children.”

The agent asked, “Where are the others ?”

The lawyer answered, with a sad look, “They are in the cemetery with their mother.”

And that’s the way he was able to rent a home for his family without lying.

MORAL: It is not necessary to lie, one only has to choose the right words.
Lawyers don’t lie …they are creative

Girls will be always girls

Girl: Hiiiiii.
Boy: Hi.
Girl: What happened?
Boy: Nothing.
Girl: No, say na what happened… You look soo sad.
Boy: I’ll ask you something… and you have to tell me the truth… will you?
Girl: Ok, ask.
Boy: Who is Raj loafer? He liked all your profile pictures and even your status updates on FB. who is the dumb idiot?
Girl: Please don’t say anything about him.
Boy: Is he your ex boyfriend? Are you still in love with him?
Girl: Why would I love him… You are my only love…
Boy: Then is he your brother?
Girl: No no… not like that…
Boy: Then who the hell is he?
Girl: Shall we talk something else?
Boy: So you are hiding something from me? You have that much close relationship with him… he’s so much important to you, right?
Girl: If I disclose the secret you’ll definitely scold me.
Boy: I’m getting irritated now… don’t test my patience.
Girl: Please Yaar…
Boy: If You don’t tell me I’ll break our relationship roght now.
Girl: Ok, I’ll tell you… but promise me that you won’t scold me, ok??
Boy: Oh, ok…

Girl: Hmmm… That is my fake profile… if no one likes my dp I like my pictures through that id and also post comments like cute, nice, hot, sexy, etc…. etc!!!!!