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Riddles – Answer this correctly.

1. The more you take away from me, The bigger I get.
    What am I?

2. It belongs to you But others use it more than you do
    What is it?

3. I sit in a corner And travel around the world.
    What am I?

4. I have four identical brothers I don’t get out as much as them
While the four of them go around I sleep quietly, in the dark I am often forgotten about
But in times of trouble I will be woken and called upon And I will save the day

Lets see who will answer this correctly.

Show me answer and explanation

1. A Hole
2. Your Name
3. A Stamp
4. A Spare Wheel

Riddles – Label the boxes correctly.

There are three boxes. One is labeled “APPLES” another is labeled “ORANGES”.
The last one is labeled “APPLES AND ORANGES”. You know that each is labeled incorrectly.
How can you label the boxes correctly?
You may ask me to pick one fruit from one box, which you choose?

Show me answer and explanation

Remember that all boxes are labeled incorrectly.
The box marked “mixed” is not the mixed box. Pull a fruit from it. Say it’s an apple. It must be the “apples” box.
The box marked “oranges” is not the box with oranges. It’s also not the box with apples. It must be the “mixed” box.
There is one box left. It is neither the “apples” nor the “mixed” box. It must be the “oranges” box.